A compelling strategy and business plan was delivered forecasting revenues up from ~ £70 million to over £250 million over three years.


Our client was a newly created business unit within an International Group, established to serve the rail infrastructure sector. The team had already delivered major projects successfully. However, it was clear to the Group that the potential for a significant rail sector business was rapidly emerging and needed to be addressed urgently to secure a competitive position in the market.

Work in the sector had been pursued on an opportunistic basis and it was clear that a full analysis of the drivers of strategy was required to identify the full potential of the opportunities in relation to the considerable risks involved.

TRIMENTIS were invited to lead a strategic review and develop a detailed business plan with the senior management team and their key stakeholders. Priorities were to establish the market potential, identify fully costed investment and infrastructure developments against a detailed opportunities and risks analysis, and deliver a robust programme plan to drive implementation.


TRIMENTIS lead the implementation of our core Strategy Formulation Process, also delivering several of the critical work streams such as market and competitor analyses. Guided by a series of workshops that introduced concepts and techniques, the business unit team together with expert consultants from TRIMENTIS completed analytical stages of the process employing our Excel based best-practice toolset.

Strategy formulation was conducted as an iterative series of meetings and workshops involving a wide range of stakeholders to capture the teams’ experiences, aims and ambitions. TRIMENTIS lead the financial analyses developing a range of sensitivity analyses and finally producing full financial reports including forecasts of investments, revenues, cashflows, profits and other standard financial views. Finally, an extensive programme of documentation to produce a robust business plan was delivered together with communications to gain wide understanding and commitment to the strategy.


  • A compelling strategy and business plan was delivered forecasting revenues up from approx £70 million to over £250 million over three years, gaining wide acceptance.

  • The strategy formed a sound basis for ongoing strategic reviews being supported by rigorously researched stakeholders’ needs, competitive, best practices and other analyses.

  • The Sector Director and team had the vision and the story to communicate effectively with new stakeholders as the business evolved.

  • The senior management team were developed in a rigorous approach to strategy formulation and business planning, and left with tools for ongoing use and refinement.

  • The Group was able to assess their investment strategy against a fully qualified business plan, enabling them to confidently proceed to develop a significant rail infrastructure business.

  • The Sector was able to proceed with the implementation of their business plan with a high degree of confidence and commitment from their stakeholders.


Our business plan was to an impressive City investors standard that enabled our internal stakeholders … my bosses … make their critical investment decisions confidently, job done thank you!

Director Rail, Newly created business unit within an International Group

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