Placing the customer at the centre of client organisations ...

We place the customer at the centre of client organisations connecting customer insights to core business processes and ensuring that all activities are focused on creating value for customers at cost effective rates.

Our Approach

Employee research shows that a key motivator for people and teams is a clear line of sight to and knowledge about their customers, and yet over and over again the research also shows that organisations fail to satisfy this need, by a significant margin. TRIMENTIS helps close this performance gap by making sense of what is often seen as a ‘diffuse’ subject by introducing a rigorous approach to customer value management.

Examples of Our Capabilities

  • Market Analysis and Planning

  • Strategic Account Management

Market Analysis and Planning

Market analysis and planning is a critical series of activities that ensures a consistent approach to offering your product or service in a way that will outsell the competition, or exceed best practice if you are a not-for-profit enterprise.

Its purpose is to define your market in terms of customers and competitors, to outline a strategy for attracting and keeping customers, and to identify and anticipate change. The marketing strategy feeds directly into the overall enterprise strategy and is a key driver of all other activities in the organisation.

The fundamental approaches are well established as set out over the years by the likes of Michael Porter and Philip Kotler and further developed by experts such as Malcolm McDonald. Development of the plan progresses through the marketing audit, analysis of the market including customers and competitors, the development of a marketing strategy, and finally marketing planning, implementation and ongoing review.

Market analysis and planning is a highly rigorous discipline that sits behind the more creative aspects of marketing. TRIMENTIS has significant experience in the critical analytical and econometric modelling techniques required to maximise returns in the areas of market positioning, product and service portfolio management, product innovation and customer value management.


Money well spent; really I am not just saying that. You really do inspire confidence and deliver effective messages.

Health and Safety Manager, European Power Company

A complex task delivered on time and on budget; thank you for helping to clarify our way forward as a business. At a personal level I have also learnt a great deal from you.

Head Business Development, Rail Infrastructure Strategy Development

I learnt a great deal from TRIMENTIS about how to turn my sense of what the future could be into a strategy that captured the attention and enthusiasm of my colleagues.

Director, Health, Safety and Environment, International Infrastructure Construction

Until we were taken through this process, we hadn’t fully appreciated the potential for our business. This experience has instilled a new excitement in the team although I must say it is tinged with some trepidation.

General Manager, Business-to-Business Market

Our business plan was to an impressive City investors standard that enabled our internal stakeholders … my bosses … make their critical investment decisions confidently, job done thank you!

Director Rail, Business Unit within an International Group

I appreciated the non-confrontational yet rigorous manner in which this study was undertaken. Thank you for delivering the result quickly and professionally.

CEO, International Business headquartered in the UK

We carried the changes through positively, managing the conflict between our internal customer satisfaction and initial delivery, establishing a new era of trust versus the control that went before.

Director Human Resources Operations, Global Wireless Carrier

I cannot overstate how profound this journey has been for me. I can only thank my personal coach for the care and insight they have brought to this. Truly life changing, thank you.

Senior Manager, Major International Organisation

We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship and you have made a significant impact on our performance as a team. The bottom line is worth over £10 million to us. I am very grateful for the experience.

DIrector Customer Services, National Telecomms Operator

This important result in our CAT3 supplier assessment will not only lead directly to a positive contribution to the bottom line, but will also have a tangible lasting impact on our effectiveness as an organisation.

Senior Manager , Major International Engineering and Construction Group

Strategic Account Management

Strategic account management is all about championing the customer relationship, orchestrating organisation wide resources to provide comprehensive product and service solutions to build customer loyalty. The effective management of key business-to-business relationships is a strategically important factor in an organisation’s performance.

Systematic approaches to account management are frequently not well understood nor rigorously applied in a field prone to individual heroics. In performance leading organisations a comprehensive approach to account management from a strategic level ensures that end-to-end opportunities are proactively sought and exploited for mutual benefit.

The role of the account manager means having an in-depth understanding of their organisation and the sector they operate in, that they share best practice and become champions who motivate others to add real value back to the client by addressing their challenges with solutions.

We have observed top performing account managers who fail in their new organisations, and conversely moderate performers who excel when they move. The critical success factor? There is a clear body of evidence showing that a strong and robust strategic account management process to be the critical success factor.

Installing a comprehensive approach within a company requires significant effort, long-term focus and multi-functional capabilities. The approach typically includes the development of two-way plans, key account management skills and competencies, proposition management, building the right knowledge database, and continually measuring and monitoring the results of account management activities across the organisation. Critically, with a robust sales compensation scheme aligned to the strategic account plan, results are typically outstanding for all parties.

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