Performance information from across your organisation at the tap of a button …

Imagine having access to relevant up-to-date performance information from across your organisation at the tap of a button! Our portfolio of tools structure the critical analytical and decision making techniques used in management and leadership, establishing a compelling collaborative and competitive advantage. PLSNet is offered on a Software-as-a-Service model, minimising initial set-up and ongoing support costs. The platform is both flexible and scalable and can be rapidly configured to reflect any organisational process.


Our Services build on best practice

Learning from some of the world’s leading organisations in Europe, North America and the Far East we have developed extensive experience in management and leadership best practice. Performance leaders gain the edge by developing three fundamental roles of their management and leadership teams to extremely high levels of effectiveness. Basically they ‘work smarter’ to create conditions for success by clarifying strategic priorities, translating priorities into ongoing operations and by directing innovation and change. In contrast, the least effective teams put most of their effort into working in the operation to help deliver tactical results, typically referred to as ‘working harder’.

We have developed a systematic, results driven approach based on these best practice insights called Performance Leadership to radically increase the effectiveness of management and leadership teams.

Our Service Tiers explained

Tier 1 Services are medium to high level interventions that build systematic, integrated and collaborative capabilities across organisation and enterprise levels to establish both broad and deep strengths.

Tier 2 Services focus on the development of processes and systems, people capabilities and knowledge that sit within Tier 1 frameworks to ensure overall integration of the approaches.


  • PLSNet – The Performance Leading Web-Based Collaborative Solution


  • PLSNet Scorecard – Strategy Deployment and Operational Review
  • PLSNet Programme Manager – Programme Tracking and Review
  • PLSNet Innovation Manager – Innovation Process Manager
  • PLSNet Opportunity and Risk Manager
  • PLSNet Rapid Application Development

Available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Our PLSNet applications support the Performance Leadership System as a networked collaborative capability … secure, scalable, auditable, running in the cloud. PLSNet are mobile web applications running on Microsoft Azure providing a robust, powerful IT based knowledge system available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

 Tier 1 Flagship Services

PLSNet web-based collaborative solution

PLSNet delivers instant, on-line access to performance management information, providing critical up-to-the-minute reports and analysis required for effective performance review meetings, the routine management and leadership operational review meetings that every organisation and team runs daily, weekly and/or monthly.

What it does:

PLSNet is a collaborative work environment, providing a shared pool of knowledge anywhere anytime. Key tools such as dashboards and scorecards, milestone and other high level programme plans, exceptions and actions logs, opportunities and risk management analyses are linked together; providing the capability to access both current and archived performance information just a few taps away.

PLSNet is the ultimate resource in terms of ease of use, flexibility and accessibility – providing the organisation with the high levels of transparency and accountability necessary for effective performance management.

How it does it:

The PLSNet application is web-based and utilises the latest proven technologies. It runs over the internet or on the corporate intranet and requires no client installation or further browser plugins. This enables fast roll-out of PLS applications and a quick implementation of solutions, especially where the client is running the application over the internet.
All functionality within the application is designed for server side processing, so minimal traffic is sent over the network, making the application run efficiently and not be dependent on network speeds or connectivity issues.

Tier 2 Services

PLSNet Scorecard – Strategy Deployment and Operational Review

PLSNet Scorecard compliments implementation of our Strategy Deployment Service (Balanced Scorecard, KPI and Target Development). Scorecards can be designed around a series of highly flexible features to show KPI’s, targets, trends, and forecasts. Including advanced features such as ‘Visualisation’ screens for use with ‘LEAN’ PMO to allow a revolving update of project dashboards and status to be projected on to walls and large monitors. PLSNet is even able to deliver dynamic language translations ‘on the page’ for all reports in the system.
PLSNet Scorecard enables managers and leaders to keep track of the execution of activities by staff within their control and monitor the consequences arising from these actions, providing a powerful approach to align goals and objectives throughout the organisation – the ‘golden thread’ linkage between high level score card objectives and day-to-day management metrics.

PLSNet Programme Manager – Programme Tracking and Review

PLSNet Programme Manager is an easy-to-use system that provides visibility across your portfolio of programs, projects and operational activities. Allowing you to track all your work in one system, it enables teams to collaboratively manage projects from concept to completion. PLSNet Programme Manager provides a single point of access and control for all project status reports, and is able to show dependencies and constraints as well as detailed cost and schedule metrics. Reports can be shared throughout the organisation and beyond with all project participants and stakeholders through role-based dashboards in a wide range of visual formats. PLSNet Programme Manager helps build the quality of decision making based on the most up-to-date information.

PLSNet Innovation Manager – Innovation Process Manager

PLSNet Innovation Manager compliments implementation of our Flagship Knowledge Development Service – the PLS Innovation Manager Programme. We treat innovation as a process within a culture which is enabled by the knowledge and skills of people. PLSNet Innovation Manager supports this process of innovation, building on the organisations culture by ensuring the common use of best-practice techniques throughout all teams. Providing features such as an ideas tracker, innovation filter, Return on Innovation Investment calculator and dynamic report creator, the PLSNet Innovation Manager delivers organisation wide transparency and accountability for innovation.

PLSNet Opportunity and Risk Manager

PLSNet Opportunity and Risk Manager compliments the implementation of our Tier 2 Organisational Development Service – Opportunity and Risk Management. Our approach recognises that whilst there are many technical approaches to the identification and evaluation of opportunities and risks (in which we have expertise), unless they are addressed as an integral part of the routine, ongoing role of management and leadership then they are not actually being managed at all.
PLSNet Opportunity and Risk Manager provides the necessary visibility that enables organisations to focus on key priorities, ensuring that the ‘process’ is being implemented and that effective management is taking place. Status reports can be shared throughout the organisation and beyond with all participants and stakeholders, accessible 24/7 and exploiting a wide range of visual formats including traffic-light flagging of issues and opportunities. No management and leadership team should rest easy without the level of confidence provided by PLSNet Opportunity and Risk Manager!

PLSNet Rapid Application Development (PLSNet RAD)

The PLSNet platform has been developed to such an advanced level that client specific applications can be created within a 24 hour period, literally Configured-in-a-Day! The modular construction of the platform allows for this dynamic Rapid Application Development (RAD) is three easy steps:
Preparation – “Idea” Clarification of business needs and mapping of operating processes using structured templates
One-day configuration workshop – “Implement” Set-up and configuration of the new application, coding of process templates using database entries, creation of standard reports and build of homepage dashboard. Go-live!
Follow-up – “Improve” Training, user validation and system modifications

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