The Performance Leadership System ...

… is a systematic, results oriented approach to management and leadership for high performing organisations, teams and individuals. We are dedicated to the search for best practice, developing these as practical tools and techniques to transfer the lessons learnt to our clients. These benefits are integral to Performance Leadership.

Through our world-class systematic approach, we help clients exploit the benefits of change, managing the complex organisational, people and technology transitions putting in place the ongoing capability for them to effectively and efficiently deliver long-term value for all their stakeholders. Performance Leadership can be thought of as the organisation’s ‘central nervous system’ providing transparency and accountability for all. Read on to understand the key elements of Performance Leadership and how we transfer our knowledge of management and leadership best practice to our clients.

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What Our Clients say

Money well spent; really I am not just saying that. You really do inspire confidence and deliver effective messages.

Health and Safety Manager, European Power Company

A complex task delivered on time and on budget; thank you for helping to clarify our way forward as a business. At a personal level I have also learnt a great deal from you.

Head Business Development, Rail Infrastructure Strategy Development

I learnt a great deal from TRIMENTIS about how to turn my sense of what the future could be into a strategy that captured the attention and enthusiasm of my colleagues.

Director, Health, Safety and Environment, International Infrastructure Construction

Until we were taken through this process, we hadn’t fully appreciated the potential for our business. This experience has instilled a new excitement in the team although I must say it is tinged with some trepidation.

General Manager, Business-to-Business Market

Our business plan was to an impressive City investors standard that enabled our internal stakeholders … my bosses … make their critical investment decisions confidently, job done thank you!

Director Rail, Business Unit within an International Group

I appreciated the non-confrontational yet rigorous manner in which this study was undertaken. Thank you for delivering the result quickly and professionally.

CEO, International Business headquartered in the UK

We carried the changes through positively, managing the conflict between our internal customer satisfaction and initial delivery, establishing a new era of trust versus the control that went before.

Director Human Resources Operations, Global Wireless Carrier

I cannot overstate how profound this journey has been for me. I can only thank my personal coach for the care and insight they have brought to this. Truly life changing, thank you.

Senior Manager, Major International Organisation

We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship and you have made a significant impact on our performance as a team. The bottom line is worth over £10 million to us. I am very grateful for the experience.

DIrector Customer Services, National Telecomms Operator

This important result in our CAT3 supplier assessment will not only lead directly to a positive contribution to the bottom line, but will also have a tangible lasting impact on our effectiveness as an organisation.

Senior Manager , Major International Engineering and Construction Group

We were impressed that you managed to get nearly 100% attendance at the review meetings although certain findings have not sat well with some of our senior managers. This feels like a really good opportunity to kick-start our efforts.

Group Head Change Management, Diverse Business serving a number of Public Sector Organisations

In hours we accomplished what normally takes weeks of meetings. We developed a clearer vision about what our project was to achieve and this was more widely shared than normal.

Commercial Director Civil Engineering, International Engineering and Construction Group

This initially inflicted a lot of pain on the business as we literally shut down whole sales teams to focus our efforts on the strategic priorities. Time has proven our severe decisions to be the right ones and now we can all look forward to a more stable future together.

Managing Director, Division within the large International Group

We had already set ourselves the stretch goal of achieving a top place in the J D Power survey. We had to do many things including process development work to achieve our goals, much of it to do with cultural changes. I’m very grateful for the experience TRIMENTIS has brought to us.

Customer Services Director , Global Wireless Carrier

I would like to thank you for helping during what has been a very stressful time. Having returned from short term leave as thoughtfully advised by yourselves, I am now back on top of the job and making good progress.

Divisional Head, International Business

We have worked together for about 2.5 years on a variety of assignments ranging from interim management, process management, team development through to work on the overall strategy and operational planning process. I am delighted to recommend them to you.

Customer Services Director, National Wireless Carrier

I was very sceptical when we started out on this work, trying to bring together functions that had been pulling in different directions for so long. I think we were all surprised in the end to see just how powerful it is to get people together on a regular basis to simply talk about the priorities.

Head of Product Management , Global Technology Company

Some of us had been focused on IT as the solution to our knowledge management requirements. However, it became clear that we were missing the people dimension in our thinking and I believe we now have a good chance to bring everyone together on one way forward for a change.

Head Knowledge Management, UK based International Group

The immediate benefit of implementing the platform has been in helping us to rapidly gain visibility and control of a critical business programme enabling us to deliver on time and in budget, and ultimately to create value for our client.

Operations Director, European Telecomms Operator

Performance Leadership is the way to manage and lead your organisation for success ...

By focusing everything you do on what customers value most things get done better, faster and more cost effectively creating value for all your stakeholders. This is achieved through the introduction of best-practice processes, tools and techniques together with the development of skills and competencies, brought together within our integrated system.

Interdependent Capabilities

Our Approach consolidates the fundamentals of management and leadership within the organisation, and then builds on clients’ existing abilities by increasing the rigour, range and effectiveness of their capabilities.

The Performance Leadership System focuses on three interdependent areas of capability …

  • Organisational Development

  • People Development

  • Knowledge Development

The Performance Leadership System

 The Performance Leadership System focuses on three interdependent areas of capability …

What is done in terms of organisational capability

We call this Organisational Development. This area is focused on the development of core processes and associated tools and techniques that are fundamental to a performance-leading organisation.

How things are done in terms of people capability

We call this People Development. This area is focused on the development of core values, competencies, attitudes and behaviours that are fundamental to leading, managing and performing.

How improvements are made in terms of knowledge sharing

We call this Knowledge Development. This area is focused on the development of core business intelligence to underpin the quality of decision making and continuous learning.

Performance on every level improves

Our Approach exploits the fact that by first clarifying and then satisfying the needs of key stakeholders, performance on every level improves.

Various studies have presented solid evidence that organisations using these principles radically improve their business effectiveness on a wide range of performance measures, significantly outperforming those that continue to manage through bottom-line controls alone.

Research shows that a key factor limiting organisational success is a systemic failure to provide effective development for people and teams in the fundamental skills of management and leadership.

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Summary of what Performance Leadership is ...

Performance Leadership is the way to manage and lead an organisation for success. By focusing everything you do on what customers value most things get done better, faster and more cost effectively, creating value for our stakeholders. You achieve achieve this by continuously developing conditions for success in three interdependent ways.

Firstly, develop your organisation using best practice techniques to make it more efficient and effective. You do this by …

Clarifying strategic priorities, to build a shared sense of vision and purpose throughout the organisation, developing commitment, motivation and establishing effective collaboration.

Translating strategic priorities into ongoing operations, building operational programmes and capabilities and driving performance management to know that accountabilities are being effectively delivered.

Systematically exploiting cost, time and quality improvements to build new capabilities and continually improve what you do.

Secondly, develop your people using high performance techniques to help them achieve their full potential. Building on existing skills, attitudes and behaviours. You do this by …

Developing their strategic capabilities, to more effectively translate strategy into ongoing operations.

Developing their outcomes orientation, to focus efforts on the priorities to deliver valuable results and outcomes.

Developing their cultural and relationship skills, to develop robust productive relationships.

Finally, develop your knowledge using a comprehensive approach to business intelligence to support decision making, innovation and continuous learning. You do this by …

Assessing your performance, to establish current position based on facts and data.

Benchmarking against best practice and your competition to establish the performance gap, challenge norms and set challenging new targets.

Innovating, to bridge the performance gap and raise the bar to achieve performance leadership.

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Client Success Stories

Learn how we have worked with clients to achieve significant results through our client success stories. Each client success story illustrates how we have helped define client priorities, what approach the team took and the results the client achieved … turning priorities into results.

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