Develop your most valuable assets to help them achieve their full potential …

When major issues affect organisational performance, over 80% are caused by poor workplace relationships! Develop your most valuable assets – your people, using high performance techniques to help them achieve their full potential. Building on existing skills, attitudes and behaviours, we develop their strategic capabilities to more effectively translate strategy into ongoing operations, their outcomes orientation to deliver valuable results and outcomes, and their cultural and relationship skills to develop robust productive relationships.

Our Services build on best practice

Learning from some of the world’s leading organisations in Europe, North America and the Far East we have developed extensive experience in management and leadership best practice. Performance leaders gain the edge by developing three fundamental roles of their management and leadership teams to extremely high levels of effectiveness. Basically they ‘work smarter’ to create conditions for success by clarifying strategic priorities, translating priorities into ongoing operations and by directing innovation and change. In contrast, the least effective teams put most of their effort into working in the operation to help deliver tactical results, typically referred to as ‘working harder’.

We have developed a systematic, results driven approach based on these best practice insights called Performance Leadership to radically increase the effectiveness of management and leadership teams.

Our Service Tiers explained

Tier 1 Services are medium to high level interventions that build systematic, integrated and collaborative capabilities across organisation and enterprise levels to establish both broad and deep strengths.

Tier 2 Services focus on the development of processes and systems, people capabilities and knowledge that sit within Tier 1 frameworks to ensure overall integration of the approaches.

Tier 3 Services involve the detailed development of best practice tools and techniques together with the skills and knowledge required to exploit the approaches at team and individual levels.


  • PLS High Performance People Programme
  • PLS High Performance Change Team Programme
  • PLS Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programmes


  • 360 on-line Survey
  • Career and Personal Development Planning
  • Communications Programme
  • Employee Engagement Programme


  • Bespoke On-line Surveys Development
  • Change Management (Lean Six Sigma) Training & Development
  • Job Design and Competencies Development
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Training & Development
  • Rational Analysis Training & Development

 Tier 1 Flagship Services

PLS High Performance People Programme

When major issues affect organisational performance, the majority are caused by poor workplace relationships! The High-Performance People Programme addresses this fundamental truth by developing your most valuable assets – your people, to help them achieve their full potential using high performance techniques developed from performance leading organisations. The High-Performance People Programme is our flagship programme for personal development.

What it does:

This intensive programme has been designed to address the development needs of key managers and leaders, solving the logistical problem of receiving intensive one-on-one coaching alongside a demanding day-job.

How it does it:

Delivered as a series of one-day tutorials interspersed with periods of practical application to develop key initiatives back on the day-job, the programme exploits action learning to build positive new skills, attitudes and behaviours. Based on the Core Competencies and underlying Attributes within the High Performance People Model, the programme is initiated by a 360 Survey conducted through our automated web-based tool.
Best timed to support key managers and leaders who are at the start of major new organisational challenges such as initiating projects, exploiting business opportunities and developing new teams.

PLS High Performance Change Team Programme

A fast-track methodology that delivers quantifiable results in 90 day campaigns. We bring teams together with tried-and-tested best-practice techniques in a systematic, results driven approach based around 90 day deliverables, forming fast-track change management projects focused on specific organisational issues.

What it does:

The approach is based on lessons learnt from best-practice organisations that routinely deliver major change; simultaneously developing the change programme whilst transferring skills and knowledge to the organisations people.
The approach addresses a number of issues typical of lack-lustre change programmes, ensuring that:

  • Managers and leaders actively participate ensuring that team members benefit from their attention on results, reinforcing a positive culture of change
  • The organisation acquires an approach to a variety of change issues, systematically creating an organisation-wide capability based on shared rational analysis, problem solving and decision-making techniques; including lean six-sigma
  • Participants acquire a systematic capability to continue developing as individuals, within teams and as contributors to overall organisational effectiveness
  • The programme delivers significant improvements to major organisational issues

How it does it:

The programme establishes measurable short-term performance improvement goals, even though the overall effort may be long term. Managers and leaders take action steps because they lead directly towards improved results and the mood is one of impatience. Change experts help line teams to achieve results rather than working to indoctrinate everyone in some sort of mystique and vocabulary associated with some management fad. Crucially, relatively little investment is needed to get the process started; conviction builds as results materialise.

PLS Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

Leaders in every sector face a rapidly changing business environment in terms of ever higher expectations from customers, increasingly capable competition, faster moving markets, and emerging emphasis on new technologies and environmental issues. Executive Coaching and Mentoring is a highly focused, structured and productive way to help leaders meet these challenges, designed for those who have time constraints and in recognition that it can be ‘lonely at the top’.
PLS Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programmes provide a ready source of confidential advice and expertise, significantly extending both the capacity and effectiveness of individual managers, leaders and high potential candidates.

What it does:

Executive Coaching and Mentoring is driven by the needs of the client. It is about assisting people to achieve their full potential, with a focus on what they want to achieve now and in the future. It helps to clarify goals and objectives, sets out the plans to achieve them and helps to drive things forward. It is a partnership put in place for a defined period of time to achieve agreed objectives.
We provide clients with an outside and unbiased perspective, challenging norms and helping to achieve new performance heights. It works best to help individuals address specific professional development issues or to assist when taking on new and challenging roles or projects.

How it does it:

PLS Executive Coaching and Mentoring programmes are delivered one-on-one, providing an invaluable source of support and development for managers, leaders and high potential candidates. Coaching and mentoring involves our most experienced consultants, frequently our Managing Director, and whilst the style of delivery is informal and supportive the underlying programme is specific, structured and results focused. Support is made available at the workplace and remotely to ensure that emerging issues are addressed and exploited in a timely manner. Our approach is highly tailored to the needs of the individual managers, leaders and high potential candidates in relation to their organisational priorities, and draws upon tried-and-tested techniques to provide pace, structure and focus to the effort. We bring a unique combination of business and behavioural knowledge and expertise to our clients.

Tier 2 Services

360 on-line Survey

TRIMENTIS has developed the critical success factors of high performing people into the High Performance People Model to assist in coaching and development. The 360 Survey has been designed to elicit perceptions of behaviour in relation to the Attributes of the Model.
Administration of the survey is fully automated once the participant and administrator have agreed on respondents and timescales. Our automated web-based survey tool generates emails to respondents and follow-up reminders, keeping both the participant and administrator informed about progress. Participants remain in full control and are able to monitor progress, change deadlines, invite new respondents or even de-select people holding up progress. Participants receive a detailed report and personal feedback on the survey findings as part of their one-on-one coaching which helps form the basis of their ongoing programme of personal development.

Career and Personal Development Planning

Career and Personal Development Planning is a structured and supported process to help you take control of your career and help steer its direction. By systematically reviewing your skills, achievements and ambitions in a structured way together with the challenge we provide as a ‘critical friend’, you will be better able to see where you are now, where you aim to go and the route you need to take to get there.
The rigorous, fact-based enquiry built into our approach ensures that there are few opportunities to overlook difficult truths. Using structured interviews and fact finding exercises to develop profound insights, the approach ensures that key people, events and issues are taken fully into account during the facilitated process.

Communications Programme

Effective communication is critical to motivating those around us to achieve our goals. Being understood and understanding other’s viewpoints is a critical skill. Doing it well is what sets performance leading people apart and yet we have never worked with an organisation in which people were completely happy with the effectiveness of communications; it is one of the toughest issues to get right!
Our Communications Programme helps people and teams to develop highly effective communication skills, processes and content. It focuses on the steps involved in conveying messages to other people clearly and unambiguously and assists people to understand that communications are a two way process, as much about receiving information that others are sending to you, with as little distortion as possible. Our Communications Programme assists people and teams to motivate those around them towards achieving business critical goals and objectives.

Employee Engagement Programme

The Employee Engagement Programme is a sister programme to our Customer Value Management Programme (Organisational Development Tier 2 Service). Employees, in common with customers, are a critical link in the Value Cycle (how organisations create value from resources), and it follows that knowing what motivates them is crucial to gaining their commitment and ready access to their skills and knowledge. After all, it is people that apply their skills and knowledge to turn resources into value for the organisation. The Employee Engagement Programme assists managers and leaders put into place the systems and routinely capture the knowledge that enables them to anticipate and respond to employee issues with practical and pragmatic actions as part of their day-to-day duties.

Tier 3 Services

  • Bespoke On-line Surveys Development
  • Change Management (Lean Six Sigma) Training & Development
  • Job Design and Competencies Development
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Training & Development
  • Rational Analysis Training & Development

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