TRIMENTIS supports the implementation of our best practice techniques with a powerful, market leading range of cloud-based business applications – PLSNet …

Collaborate anywhere, any time, on any device

Our PLSNet applications support the Performance Leadership System as a networked collaborative capability … secure, scalable, auditable, running in the cloud. Best practice that we learn about are captured in the extensive range of tools and techniques that make up Performance Leadership.

Our continually developing range of powerful applications is designed to transfer the lessons learnt from leading organisations to our clients in detailed yet accessible and practical formats. Our applications structure the critical analytical and decision making techniques used in management and leadership, establishing the fundamentals as a solid foundation on which clients build performance-leading capabilities.

 Our growing range of applications …

Creating conditions for success

  • Enable people to work anywhere, any time and on any device

  • Enable applications to talk to each other and to existing legacy systems – ‘real time’

  • Enable applications to run in a secure cloud environment and to scale automatically as and when required

Addressing the needs of busy people

Faced with the challenge of Today’s Priorities, it is critical to enhance organisational performance at all levels. Managers and leaders in all sectors now face increasing competition where margins are tight. As busy people they must constantly seek opportunities to manage more effectively and efficiently, whilst a major cause of frustration is that current IT systems are often poorly designed, based on old technologies, not integrated and difficult to use.

PLSNet has been developed to address all these issues by providing a robust, powerful IT based knowledge system available anywhere, any device, any time.

PLSNet are mobile web applications that ‘enable’ the performance leadership system, running mainly on Microsoft Azure as a secure and scalable global web platform. Our applications cover all the core processes across the ‘value chain’ from Strategy, Supply Chain Optimisation and Operational Excellence; to Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Read on to learn more about our range of key Applications selected to illustrate each aspect of Performance Leadership

PLSNet Performance Review

Examples of Organisational Development Applications

Careful observation of performance leading teams over the years has shown that there is a strong common underlying approach to getting the best results. TRIMENTIS has defined and refined this approach through countless meetings in a wide variety of situations, and the outcomes are more or less always the same. When it is applied well, performance radically improves.

It cannot be overstated that the rigour and effectiveness of the performance review meeting is at the core of organisational transformation and is the natural starting point in any exercise to radically improve performance. Performance leaders gain this edge by developing this simple process of ‘performance review’ at every level of the organisation … as individuals, in teams and at the organisational level.

PLSNet Performance Review is a set of integrated management and leadership applications addressing the inputs, decision making and outputs of this business critical meeting. The Performance Review Meeting or PRM is structured around five questions covering operational performance, the strategic context, the status of operational capabilities, the critical opportunities and risks facing the business, and finally provides output decisions on priorities and plans to be communicated. PLSNet Performance Review includes a range of integrated applications to support this business critical process …

… providing managers and leaders with a performance dashboard available anywhere, on any device, at any time.

PLSNet 360 Survey, Personal Performance Review and Career Development

Examples of People Development Applications

Our 360 Survey tool is designed to elicit perceptions of behaviour in relation to the Attributes of the High Performance People Model. Administration of the survey is fully automated and the web-based PLSNet application generates emails to respondents and follow-up reminders, keeping participants and administrators informed about progress.

Feedback and coaching is designed to support and enable people to exercise an increased level of choice in a variety of leadership, managerial and performance situations to increase personal, team and organisational effectiveness.

Participants work through a process akin to our strategy clarification process, gathering insights into their performance and then options and plans to realise their full potential. The approach is profound in the results it delivers and is potentially life changing. PLSNet applications support individuals in their career development process in a rigorous, empathetic and secure environment.

PLSNet Assessments, Audit Trails and Compliance

Examples of Knowledge Development Applications.


TRIMENTIS has developed a range of assessment instruments suitable for self-assessments, independent consultant led assessments and to prepare for and support third party compliance assessments. We recently assisted the Institution of Civil Engineers ICE to develop an online maturity assessment for infrastructure clients.

Our assessment applications enable routine assessments or audits against compliance and best practice checklists. These applications can be modified to include industry standards (such as ITIL and Sarbanes-Oxley) or client specific audits (such as a Supplier Assessment). Red and Amber indicators are then linked to improvement initiatives and tracked via the Project Management Office (PMO).

Audit Trails and Compliance

A key feature of Performance Leadership is that as a purposefully designed system targeted at increasing the performance of the business it also has the associated benefit of helping to deliver everything that good governance and compliance requires, essentially for zero on-cost.

Good governance is simply a feature of good business

Visibility and tracking of data is critical to any enterprise system.  The Audit Trail provides a full history of what changed, what values, and when on all records. The platform will also allow users to be notified via email, SMS or Slack if changes to selected fields have been made.

Competitive Benefits of the PLSNet Platform …

Sustainable Results

PLSNet applications are mobile web apps which run on Microsoft Azure, a secure and scalable global web platform. The apps cover all the key approaches within performance leadership including core processes across the ‘value chain’ from Strategy Clarification, Supply Chain Optimisation and Operational Excellence; to Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Our Technology Partner Softools works with industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, IBM and Vodafone, and major Public Sector organisations to drive business, operational and financial performance where:

  • Apps provide a common approach based on best practice
  • Performance dashboards deliver real-time Executive visibility, control & confidence
  • The platform can be accessed on any device from PC and tablet to smartphone – anywhere, any time

Long after TRIMENTIS consultants have completed their initial assignment, you can be confident that the best practice approaches and improvements delivered by us through our Performance Leadership System are firmly embedded in your organisation and continue to provide results.


    The platform is used by many of the world’s leading organisations and Governments, and so data is always held in a secure encrypted environment, controlled by clients and exported at any time.


    The platform can scale from 1 app and user to 1,000s of apps and over 1,000,000 users for a single client.


    The platform is used by banking, military and nuclear organisations world-wide and can be locked down to any level. Access to the platform is on a named user basis which determines what a user can see (security) and what they can do (permissions).


    Users gain first line support from on-screen help. Second line support is provided by internal Administrators. Third line support is provided to certified Administrators via phone, email and WebEx.

Our Technology Partner Softools …

TRIMENTIS has been working with Softools since 2001. We selected Softools as our Technology Partner based on their track record for quality, innovation and peerless reliability. Softools is a UK-based software company that develops and supplies web-based business improvement applications to leading corporations and public sector organisations through TRIMENTIS and other strategic Partner organisations.

Softools have enabled client teams to implement change in a wide variety of industries and business functions. Their aim is always to deliver beyond client expectations both in terms of how they implement and the lasting positive impact on operational performance.

Softools was founded in 1998 and was tasked with creating a software platform to embed ‘best practices’ within the most critical operational processes.  Over the last 20 years, Softools has grown to now deliver the world’s most advanced ‘business process’ web-application platform to sector leading corporations and public sector organisations in all regions of the world and across all parts of the corporate value chain.

Optimise Business Performance

Softools is the most advanced zero-code web-application platform – used by sector leading corporations and public sector organisations in all regions of the world to optimise business process performance.


Combining best-practice management and leadership approaches from TRIMENTIS with the best-practice platform from SOFTOOLS results in a world-class capability second to none … best-practice squared!

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