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Our Approach

By escalating these activities to the overall organisational strategy level, developing products better meet customer needs and the organisation’s product development and innovation processes position it for future success, building on the fundamental value proposition.

Since typically some 60 to 75 percent of product costs are set in the design stage, systematic product development linked into the market development process represents a long-term cost reduction lever.

Results Our Clients have achieved

The organisation actively engaged with the strategy reducing reportable accidents by 70%, recognised externally by RoSPA’s ultimate award for health and safety.

Health and Safety Strategy Construction Sector

We valued the addressable market at £5.7 billion and recommended a potential to increase turnover threefold in three years.

Market Analysis

The assessment provided insights into the overall effectiveness of project management and leadership, delivering an action plan for improved collaboration and performance improvement focused on health and safety

Management Leadership Assessment

A compelling rail infrastructure strategy forecasting significant revenue growth and margin improvement through market, product and service developments was delivered, gaining wide acceptance

Rail Infrastructure Strategy Development

Strategy development culminated in a key workshop including Board Members, Workers Council Members, senior managers and a range of health and safety experts achieving wide understanding, commitment and motivation

Power Sector Health & Safety Strategy

The senior manager developed radically, building a new level of personal confidence set against a genuine understanding of his strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Development

A layer of senior management was removed and over 200 jobs were taken out of the operation, representing a saving approaching £9 million per annum.

Large Scale Organisational Design

The organisation achieved a Top 3 position in their CAT3 assessment, on target in terms of agreed programme goals and meeting stakeholder expectations.

Highways Agency Procurement CAT3 Capability Assessment Preparation

A compelling strategy and 3 year implementation plan was delivered … needed to integrate and exploit their knowledge for successful innovation and continuous improvement.

Knowledge Management Strategy

Following migration of data from existing systems, internal implementation and support teams were fully trained and the entire system was operational and in use by management teams within two weeks.

Contract Management Web-based Software Solution

A compelling strategy and business plan was delivered forecasting revenues up from ~ £70 million to over £250 million over three years.

BU Strategy and Business Plan

The analysis enabled a targeted programme of overhead cost reduction to proceed, contributing savings of the order of £10 million per annum.

Overhead Analysis

Clear overall themes emerged that in many cases challenged the senior managers’ perceptions of where their relative strengths and issues lay

EFQM Excellence Assessment - QUALIFIER

The maturity of systematic approaches to the management and leadership of the £multi-million project was significantly raised enabling our client to demonstrate best practice approaches to their client.

Major Civil Engineering Project Management

Over the following two years the business went on to achieve a bid success rate up from the original 12% to approaching 80% with Orders at approximately $540M, Revenues at $350M and a positive EBITDA of $24M.

Work Winning Process Development

Process cycle times were drastically reduced, enabling a significant improvement to the customer experience recognised externally by achievement of the sector leading score for process quality in the following year’s annual J D Power survey.

Customer Facing Process Development

The team reorganised based on the development of their core team processes, roles and responsibilities, and the manager embarked on a personal development programme to develop her effectiveness in terms of systems thinking and influencing skills.

Team Organisational Design and Development

The approach provided more clarity, visibility and focus; helping the team identify that programmes were on track, choose the most important things to do and make decisions at the right time.

Enterprise-wide Performance Leadership System

The Head of Product Management developed a range of powerful skills and competencies resulting in higher levels of personal confidence, increased peer respect and ability to act more effectively as a general manager across a range of strategic, operational and performance challenges.

High Performance People Programme Coaching / Product Management Process Development

Product Management

Product Development is literally the start point in the creation of an organisation involving a critical set of activities that bring into reality its fundamental offerings, ideally conceived to address particular market needs and constantly refreshed through a rigorous process of innovation and re-renewal.

Product Management is the process of designing, building, marketing, operating, maintaining and retiring a product or service; an entire product life cycle that may range from a fleeting matter of weeks to several years and even decades. The Product Manager serves as the leader of cross-functional teams necessary to bring the full range of talents to bear on this critical activity.

We frequently come across organisations that have long ceased to focus on product development as a core competency, content to service the market through products and services that gradually evolve reactively to meet changing needs. The opportunities to instil new life into an organisation’s offering through a continuous process of innovation and critical market assessment seems to pass too many by. This represents multiple lost opportunities in terms of new revenue streams, cost reductions and competitive excellence.

TRIMENTIS is able to put into place the strategies, the processes and the people capabilities to innovatively drive the development of market leading products and services, to manage their ongoing performance against robust strategic, market and operational criteria, and to constantly reinvent the organisation through a process of change and renewal.

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