The organisation actively engaged with the strategy reducing reportable accidents by 70%, recognised externally by RoSPA's ultimate award for health and safety.


Our client was a major international engineering and construction group that was undergoing significant developments following a strategic review. They had concluded that radical change was needed to maintain their competitive edge.

Whilst their Health and Safety record was second to none, a potential problem had been identified that motivated them to adopt an approach to health and safety based on business excellence. They realised that continuing leadership for a rapidly growing business would depend on their ability to motivate people to achieve ever-higher standards.

TRIMENTIS were invited to lead a strategic review with the Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) Manager and team to generate the commitment and motivation of all stakeholders to a compelling future in Health and Safety, carrying the organisation forward for the next 3 to 5 years.


TRIMENTIS lead the implementation of our core Strategy Formulation Process. Guided by a series of workshops that introduced concepts and techniques the team completed analytical stages of the process using our Excel based best-practice tools. TRIMENTIS acted to critically review and challenge emerging information throughout the process.

Strategy formulation was conducted as an iterative series of meetings and workshops involving a wide range of stakeholders to capture the teams’ experiences, aims and ambitions. The process was greatly assisted by the SHE Manager whose personal ideas, experiences and standing within the organisation contributed significantly to the achievement of a far-reaching vision. Finally, a programme of documentation and communication to secure a wide understanding and commitment to the strategy was completed.


  • A compelling strategy and implementation plan was delivered gaining wide acceptance.

  • The organisation actively engaged with the strategy and plan to achieve significant results, improving their health and safety performance by a 70% reduction is reportable accidents compared with the average rate over the previous 5 years.

  • The organisation’s achievements were recognised externally by the Sir George Earle Trophy for the most outstanding performance in health and safety by a company or organisation, RoSPA’s ultimate award for health and safety.

  • The SHE Manager developed personally, gaining in knowledge and reputation, recognised externally by being awarded the Safety & Health Practitioner ‘Achiever of the Year’ by the Chartered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

  • The strategy supported by rigorously researched stakeholders’ needs, competitive, best practices and other analyses formed a sound basis for ongoing strategic reviews.

  • The SHE Manager and team had the vision and the story to communicate effectively with new stakeholders as the business evolved.

  • The SHE Manager and team developed knowledge in a rigorous approach to strategy formulation and were left equipped with best practice tools and techniques for ongoing use and refinement.


I learnt a great deal from TRIMENTIS about how to turn my sense of what the future could be into a strategy that captured the attention and enthusiasm of my colleagues.

Safety, Health and Environment Manager, International Engineering and Construction Group

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