The strategy signposted a transition from an HR process to a service led culture, focusing on defining and maximising the value added to the business.


Our client was a national operating company of a global wireless carrier. They had recently undertaken extensive cost reduction programmes and were planning to reorganise their core Human Resources functions to take advantage of innovative internal and external service providers. The focus of their attention was on HR service operations in support to key Directorates in the national operating company.

The manager appointed to head this new role was an HR professional and was being promoted to a more senior level serving a wider range of internal clients than they had previously experienced. The development of an innovative yet unifying strategy was a key business issue for both the organisation and the individual leading the review.

TRIMENTIS were invited to lead a strategic review with the Head of Human Resources Operations. Priorities were to quickly establish a unifying strategy and build a pragmatic implementation plan to help accelerate the transition that both the HR functions and their internal clients were going through.


TRIMENTIS lead the implementation of our core Strategy Formulation Process. Guided by a series of workshops that introduced concepts and techniques, the functional experts completed analytical stages of the process employing our Excel based best-practice toolset.

Strategy formulation was conducted as an iterative series of meetings and workshops involving a wide range of stakeholders to capture the teams’ experiences, aims and ambitions. TRIMENTIS lead the strategy formulation stage helping to identify and describe an overall purpose for the function together with the necessary enabling organisation, resources and implementation plan. Finally, a programme of documentation and communications to gain wide understanding and commitment to the strategy was delivered. TRIMENTIS were invited to help with a subsequent annual review of the strategy.


  • A compelling strategy and implementation plan setting out the HR functions organisation and roles were delivered, gaining Senior Management commitment.

  • The strategy signposted a transition from an HR process to a service led culture, focusing on defining and maximising the value added to the business together with a transparency of costs.

  • The national operating company was able to benefit from an innovative approach to Human Resources operational services assisting them in delivering their internal and external stakeholder commitments using well-researched HR best practices.

  • The strategy formed a sound basis for ongoing strategic reviews being supported by rigorously researched stakeholders’ needs, competitive, best practices and other analyses.

  • The Head of Human Resources Operations and team had the vision and the story to communicate effectively with new stakeholders as the national organisation evolved.

  • The Head of Human Resources Operations was able to quickly establish their credibility in a new role and went on to lead a highly successful function focused on understanding the employee experience, working to reduce attrition and increase motivation.


We carried the changes through positively, managing the conflict between our internal customer satisfaction and initial delivery, establishing a new era of trust versus the control that went before.

Head of Human Resources Operations, National Operating Company of a Global Wireless Carrier

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