A layer of senior management was removed and over 200 jobs were taken out of the operation, representing a saving approaching £9 million per annum.


Our client was the customer services operation comprising over 3,000 people within a national telecomms operator.
The business had grown rapidly by most measures including customers served, network, employees, competitive position and business results with Customer Services having contributed much to this success through a flexible, responsive, hard working and results oriented team.
The market continued to change rapidly in terms of customer expectations, technology and competitive activity. The business had come a long way and was ambitious to occupy No.1 positions in its chosen segments for customer service, dealer relationships and employee satisfaction.
The rate, variety and complexity of new product introduction serving an increasingly differentiated market continued at a pace. In order to meet the continuing challenges, Customer Services were determined to make a step change to its organisational effectiveness.

TRIMENTIS were invited to lead an organisational review with a primary purpose to challenge assumptions about the existing Customer Services organisation and to determine what was required to keep ahead as a leading organisation within the overall business.


TRIMENTIS lead the review using the powerful framework of ‘The Five Questions of Performance Leadership’ to guide the approach, employing a range of rational analysis and critical decision making techniques.

The review was conducted as an iterative series of meetings and workshops involving a wide range of stakeholders to review past performance, establish stakeholder needs, critically review the organisations current capability, generate options and conclude on a way forward. Organisational options were developed through a variety of innovation workshops and scored against selection criteria. Critically for any organisation, the options were focused around customers and key value creating processes. Finally, an extensive programme of documentation to produce a robust strategy and implementation plan was delivered together with communications to gain wide understanding and commitment to the proposals.


  • The organisation was changed from a geographically based operation to a customer centric organisation, with teams dedicated to serving specific customer segments.

  • A layer of senior management was removed and leadership spread to improve lines of communication.

  • Over 200 jobs were taken out of the operation, representing a saving of approximately 7% in terms of headcount and approaching £9 million per annum in costs.

  • Segment Heads were established with end-to-end accountability for sales and service delivery, driving transaction efficiency and accuracy to maximise profitability.

  • The overall team were focused on common goals across the business enabling faster decision making and driving speed of execution through shortened lines of command.


We have enjoyed a good working relationship and they have made a significant impact on our performance as a team. I am very grateful for their experience.

Customer Services Director, National Telecomms Operator

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